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Helping Hand South Whidbey , 18341 State Route 525, Freeland, WA
Phone: 360-221-7777, Web:
Hrs: M-F 9am-12pm. Provides immediate financial assistance to residents of South Whidbey when basic services of life and well-being are in danger of being discontinued, and makes referrals for longer-term assistance.
Hope House Financial Assistance, 207 Kentucky St. (in parking lot in back of church), Bellingham, WA 98225
Phone: (360) 733-1380, Web:
Located at Hope House (207 Kentucky St) Temporary location in parking lot behind church while new Hope House is built. Temporary Hrs: Financial assistance, Wed 9am-11am. Assistance on a first come, first served basis. Can provide assistance with gas vouchers, energy and water bill assistance, assistance with rental application fees, help with ID and birth certificate, WTA bus coupons, limited prescription aid. They do not provide vouchers for food, clothing, or motels. Do not help with medical, veterinary, or car repairs. Available to Whatcom County residents.

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