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Ferndale Other Bank, 5694 2nd Ave (in the Ferndale Community Resource Center), Ferndale, WA 98248
Phone: (360) 380-2200, Web:
Hrs. T: 10am-12pm. Closed during the summer. Hygiene products available to families with children in the Ferndale School District, who are eligible for free and reduced lunch. Diapers sometimes available to all families.
Good Cheer Clinton Thrift Store & The Rack , 11042 WA-525 - Corner of Hwy 525 and Langley Rd, Clinton, WA
Phone: 360-341-2880, Web:
Open 7 Days a week from 9:30a to 5pm. Offers everything from furniture to clothing for the family to home decor and seasonal decoration, to a “man-cave” with tools, appliances and electronics.
Share the Love - Cloth Diaper Bank, , ,
Phone: , Web:
Cloth diaper loaner bank for low income families with children birth to 3 years. Families qualify if they receive any form of government assistance, including apple health for kids. Apply through the website.

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